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Design and Function | Web Design Greenville SC

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

We have been developing web sites for over ten years, and we feel that the design and function of a web site is one of the most important aspects. To do this  you need the right web  designer.

There are two types of web designers, the designer that is truly an artistic designer, then you have the designer that is a programmer.  I think that every artistic designer longs to be a programmer and every programmer longs to be an artistic designer.  I believe that being a developer with both skills sets makes you the best web designer you can be for your clients.  You can have a very functional web site that looks horrible with bright neon colors, blurred pictures,  improper text, and distorted layout.  On the other hand you can have a beautifully designed web site that has bad function; such as, no hyper-links, forms that don;t work, no deep-links, no alt tags, no title tags, and no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SER ( Search Engine Registration).

When we develop a web site, we strive to make sure it has the best of both worlds, both design and function. We create each web site as a one of a kind web site. We don’t use templates … ever!

We blend design and function by using certain resources to help deliver the perfect web site for you the client.  Here is part of our process for providing you the perfect web site. We design your site initially in Adobe Photoshop, once the design is completed we will use Adobe Dreamweaver for back-end coding, we also will create a custom CSS page that will control the look and feel of your site. Then we might use Adobe Flash to add some animation to the navigation, animate a logo or we will add a animated intro.  Once this part is concluded we will make sure that all pages are linked and that all the code is validated. We then check your site in all browsers to make sure that the site will function properly so we can eliminate errors. One final thing that we do is make customer error pages that will help trap visiting customers in a page that will allow them to navigate to another page if they have an error.

We finish up by doing the SEO and SER, which alot of web site designers forget to include.  As Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams” is famously told, “if you build it they will come.” Well, when building a web site if you don’t do SEO or SER your site, then no one will come.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back soon with more thoughts on Web design. And now for the good stuff!

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The blog is up!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Oh man, we did it! So a few months ago we launched the Mojoe.Net site, and since then we’ve had great success! We’ve already had a number of projects come straight from the site and from our online search engine rankings. Of course, as “live” launches go sometimes you have to do other things later and for us that meant putting off the blog. After a couple of days looking at tutorials on ThemeForest and other sites, we created our own blog. 

So just like any fledgling publication, I’m sure the content of this blog will go through some growing pains. However, our aim is clear. We want our posts to be meaningful and not aimless rants. So every post will deal in some way with Web design and development. And we’ll try to conclude each post with four or five links that we’ve found helpful, which we’ll call “Stuff We’re Diggin’. ”

So let’s get to it, shall we?


For the longest time I’ve been a Firefox devotee. I was first introduced to the browser in about 2004. Since then I’ve been in love with it, but I’ve found a new love: Opera. Yes, yes, I know, Opera, the often revered and rarely used standards-compliant browser. I downloaded it about a month ago just out of curiosity and because I wanted to design for it and to add it to my repertoire. From the first time I laid eyes on it and started click on the menu options to the first time I saw the favorite sites windows that show up when you first open the browser, I loved it. It’s one of the few browser’s that has ever gotten me very excited, and I would love nothing more than to see it gain prominence in the browser world. Perhaps this may only happen in some Web design-specific utopian universe, but nonetheless, I can dream can’t I?

Another site I’ve really been loving lately is Typesites. It brings out the graphic design geek in me! As its site description says Typesites is “a critical look at sites featuring interesting typography.” Typesites’ featured sites are typography-driven Web sites or sites with superb typographic layout.  One of my favorite sites on there is for a New Zealand wine maker called Black Estate. I love their use of animated javascript, and it’s inspired me to use the scrolling text effect on some of our upcoming projects.

So those are just two of the things I’ve really been getting  into. Thanks for reading and come back soon to read more about what Mojoe.Net is doing.

“Stuff We’re Diggin’ ”

1. Opera

2. Typesites

3. ThemeForest’s WordPress for Designers series

4. ThemeForest’s Diving into PHP screencast series

5. jQuery ScrollTo plugin

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