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Web Design Resources – Color Web Sites

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Designing a web site can be a challenging task but the process can be very smooth and rewarding if you have the right web design resources. So I have decided to start posting some of the tools and web design resources that I use when developing a web site.

Okay So here goes my favorite Color Sites:

Color Scheme Designer

Web Site: http://colorschemedesigner.com/

They are also currently looking for support via Kickstarter because they are developing a new app for color palettes. The site is extremely easy to use and it will allow you to export your color choices via; HTML and CSS, Text, XML, and Gimp Palette. “I personally use this site when looking for combination of choices in different variations.”

Colour Lovers

Web Site:

Okay, so here is my new favorite web site. There are literally over 2 million color palette combinations made by other designers which is a great collaboration tool and gives you exposure to what other designers are doing. You can also make your own palette, and then give the palette its own name. Once it is named you then easily share it with your client by downloading an image or a specific file format. Also a great place for Web Background Patterns. Check out my post on Patterns.


Of course you can not forget about Adobe’s color tool. It has been around quite some time and has millions of color combinations as well but the whole site is in Flash(It almost sounds like a bad word to say Flash because the way that web development is headed right now. And that is very sad because I love designing sites in Flash). So it will not work on iPad or iPhone. The controls that are available to change the RGB, CYMK and so on are over the top. So for the desktop environment it is another great choice when trying to pick the best color palette that represents your clients brand.


Well, that about sums up my color web design resources. I like to be able to quickly design a color palette for a customer so their site is original from the ground up. If you start designing the base elements of a web site with original colors, fonts, and pictures then in the end the entire site will be a one-of-a-kind web site.

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