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Marketing Core: Getting Started with Content Promotion May 22nd, 2015

What’s the first task of every marketer? To grab the Attention of our potential customer.

Do Your Customers Want What You Have to Offer May 19th, 2015

Does Your Customer Want What You’ve Got to Offer? It’s your job to create an attractive offer. It’s the prospect’s job to say yes or no.

Facebook Starts Hosting Publishers’ “Instant Articles” May 13th, 2015

After months of rumors, Facebook today unveiled“Instant Articles”, a program that natively hosts publishers’ content in its app’s News Feed so users don’t have to click out and wait for websites to load.

Is Pinterest Traffic Worthless? May 12th, 2015

“Pinterest” You’ve seen tons of articles raving about it. How it’s driving more traffic than anything in the known universe. How you need to be “pinning” and have “pinnable stuff” or you’re going to fail at this magical new social network. How it’s the greatest thing since, well, the last greatest thing.

What is Pinterest and why should I care? May 7th, 2015

Once you’ve got a Pinterest account, you can create online collages (“boards”) for different topics you’re interested in, and then add images and videos to your boards by “pinning” them (the equivalent of using glue sticks on old-school vision boards, but faster, slicker, and considerably cooler.)

SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly May 6th, 2015

Some people refuse to learn anything about SEO because it changes all the time.
Which it does … sort of.
For the most part, what changes is the way that Google chases down and weeds out spam.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization May 4th, 2015

A simple definition of SEO – search engine optimization in 2015 is that it is a technical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines, with the aim of driving more potential customers to it.

The Damaging Effects of Malware April 28th, 2015

Say what you will about hackers, they are a smart and diligent group of people,
constantly creating new strategies for scamming or corrupting your computers,
networks, and websites with various types of malware.

7 Reasons Why List Posts Will Always Work April 23rd, 2015

It’s a blogosphere favorite for good reason — “list” content works, in large part due to the attention-grabbing power of the headline.

Google May Someday Rank Web Pages On Facts, Not Links April 16th, 2015

Close your eyes and imagine a world where web pages are ranked not only on popularity — i.e., the links that point to them — but also by the accuracy of information they contain. That world may not be too far off.

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