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SEO: Google to Make ‘Mobile-friendly’ a Ranking Signal March 25th, 2015

Google announced algorithm updates that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers.

Invest In a Great Website March 7th, 2015

Look, I get it. You’re a startup. You have a limited budget. You’re an entrepreneur willing to do things yourself. And that’s all very admirable. But if you’re launching an ecommerce business and you’re unwilling to invest in your website, then you’re better off having never launched your business.

6 Common Misconceptions March 5th, 2015

Remember your last web development project? You went over budget, blew past deadlines and became frustrated with just about everyone involved at some point.
The bad news? It was rough. The really bad news? It was probably your team’s fault.

Social Media Strategies February 25th, 2015

What types of companies should focus more on paid social campaigns via paid search?

Better Emails February 20th, 2015

Email has become the primary way most of us communicate in the business world — so much so that it often replaces face-to-face interactions. Just think about how many people you’ve emailed, but never actually met.

WordPress Security February 16th, 2015

Can you do wordpress web sites? I hear that question almost every time I visit a client or potential client. The answer is of course yes; we have been doing wordpress web sites now for over 5 year.

Data-Driven or Problem-Driven February 3rd, 2015

Being data-driven (or at least data-informed as we say in Lean Analytics), is entirely dependent on whether you (read: startup founders) agree on the problem that you’re solving. If you can’t agree, data is meaningless.

Your Best Users January 30th, 2015

Every startup has a certain percentage of “good” users. I put good in double quotes because the definition of a good user will vary depending on the startup. You need to define what a “good” user is for your startup.

Five Content Marketing Metric January 29th, 2015

Five Content Marketing Metrics are Social Momentum of your Web Site, Social Momentum of your External Content, Competitive Blog Content Strategies, New Links Generated and Site Speed.

4 Clever Color Palettes to Try in Your Designs January 27th, 2015

Looking for inspiration to make your design stand out? Using colors effectively can be a great way to achieve beautiful, eye catching designs. Here are 4 Clever Color Palettes

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