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Zike Web Site Launched

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Mojoe.net is proud to announce the launch of the Zike web site ; we would like to say congratulations to ZIKE.net on the launch of their newly designed and developed e-commerce web site. We are so very pleased that Nate and Michelle at Zike choose Mojoe.net to design, develop and assist with their new online store. The site has been fully developed using responsive design techniques. The entire site is customized and developed for content management by Zike using the latest technology for making the site a completely responsive Drupal web site. This site content and copy was created by Martha Winebarger at Engage Solutions, along with all the terms of use, terms of sale and privacy policy were provided by Jim Denning with the McNair Law Firm.

The design and development of the Zike web site was created using custom CSS along with the installation of our recommended list of modules. These modules are essential to creating a fully functioning web site that is optimized for enhance performance for visitor interaction, e-commerce, data collection, analysis and search engine registration.

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your logo, web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

Zike Web Site

WhatsApp Messenger

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Open, Connected, Successful

WhatsApp Messenter

Striking it rich, dreaming of endless wealth, and finding the veritable “pot-of-gold” is part of the dream that most every entrepreneur who creates a software application in today’s business environment is shooting for.  Entrepreneurs hope that the business will be attractive and sell for a ridiculous sum of money based on the evaluation. WhatsApp Messenger definitely struck it rich this past week when Facebook bought the relatively new firm for $19 billion dollars; $4 billion in cash and another $15 billion in Facebook stock options.

 WhatsApp Messenger Does What?

WhatsApp Messenger, a five-year-old-company, is a (not so) proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, videos, and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features.  Competing with a number of Asian-based messaging services (including LINE, KakaoTalk, WeChat), WhatsApp has over 450 million monthly active users around the world, and has been adding a million users daily.   According to the Financial Times, WhatsApp “has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines.”

Essentially, this application allows users to communicate between all different types of mobile phones on all different carriers, world-wide. All you need to do is enter your phone number and WhatsApp “looks” through your contact list for other people who are using the app. Then you can message those users all you want without limits or overage charges. The technology behind WhatsApp is not very complicated or even that proprietary; the application allows for Multimedia messages (an image, audio or video) to be sent to an HTTP server and then a link to the content along with its Base64 encoded thumbnail is sent to the contact indicated.  In the simplest of terms, the user sending the information does so by sending the information to a web server via the mobile app. The designated user(s) receive the message in the form of a link on the same mobile app.  The app is free to download and has no ads, but it costs $1 per year after the first year.

WhatsApp allows for the circumvention of regular SMS messaging which basically exploits a “loophole” in mobile phone carrier pricing.  Additionally and maybe even as importantly, WhatsApp is a stark reminder of how much money phone carriers are losing out on as competitors let users text and chat at no charge.  According to research done by Ovum Ltd, free social-messaging applications like WhatsApp cost phone providers around the world $32.5 billion in texting fees in 2013.  That figure is projected to reach $54 billion by 2016.  As more customers switch to smartphones with increased and better Internet access, people are relying more on applications such as WhatsApp to communicate.  This is particularly true in areas outside the United States where carriers do not include unlimited texting into voice and data plans.  The rise of these Instant-Messaging applications has offered a cheaper source of communication, especially between users located in different countries, and they are undercutting the texts that, up to now, had been a key source of income.

Why the Acquisition?

According to Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook acquired WhatsApp because it wants to, “make the world more open and connected.” But, did Facebook really acquire WhatsApp because it wants to enter the mobile phone market? (This reason has been suggested with other acquisitions).  J.P. Morgan analyst, Doug Anmuth said, “Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp gives the company a strong position in mobile messaging, which we think is a crucial part of the company’s core mission of connecting the world.” Still, others speculate that Facebook wants to expand their global social media footprint.   As TechCrunch’s Josh Constine notes, “WhatsApp is huge in developing countries. Facebook could also use WhatsApp to help bring more people online through subsidized Internet, which Facebook already offers in some countries.  The acquisition is a shortcut to owning those growing markets.”  Others believe that Facebook wants to corner the photo sharing market.  With a user base of 450 million (compared to 1.23 billion for Facebook), WhatsApp users send 500 million pictures back and forth per day, about 150 million more than Facebook users generate.   Maybe Facebook is weeding out the competition as it has did with Instagram while blocking any future deals with other rivals like Twitter.

What is certain is WhatsApp will provide mountain loads of data about the things that people world-wide are truly interested in; information which, until the acquisition, Facebook didn’t have access to.  This new data can then be used for targeted advertising on other Facebook properties.

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp is definitely setting precedence in the acquiring of newly formed user-based start-up companies.  Using an “evaluation” process of the firm (number of users that currently use the application, combined with the potential income that may be derived from advertising to the user base, or from an increase in the cost of the app, or the possibility of adding additional revenue based services) instead of structuring an offer based on actual revenue (WhatsApp declined to comment on their sales figures) has stirred up the financial world.

With a rapidly developing coding community taking off in South Carolina, this news is both thrilling and exciting!  I know I am encouraged!  I am a serial entrepreneur with two established businesses in the Upstate, and beginning a third – a new social application called SocialSprig.  It is my dream, and the dream of many entrepreneurs like me, who hope that our startups ultimately have a higher evaluation than XEROX, Marriott, and American Airlines.

Digital Footprint – Cracking the Code

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Cracking the Code: Web Design and how it affects Your Firm’s Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint, Mojoe.net

















Tips and Practices for understanding your digital footprint

The creation and marketing of a Web Site for a Law Firm’s is a unique type of undertaking. Law firms unfortunately are restricted as I am sure most of you are well aware of when it comes to advertising, endorsements and discussing cases. This does not make marketing a law firm services and identity an easy task.

And now you have to contend with your firm’s digital footprint and brand identity that has been released out into cyberspace, people are constantly dreaming up new ways to hijack your brand and siphon off its value. From phishing attacks to counterfeit domains and bogus Facebook accounts, each new digital channel quickly attracts its share of “black hat” operators. In conjunction your firm has to combat anonymous complaints because of your firm’s web site and its content.

(Note: This situation will get more complicated in the coming years due to the gTLD program which will create 1800 new domain name extensions.)

So how do you establish your firm’s digital footprint while still adhering to the rules?

The expansion of social interaction, email, web sites, smart phones, tablets, and e-blast have driven down cost, but in-turn created a global audience and have given multiple ways to reach clients.

So how do you as marketing professionals measure and develop a digital reputation for your law firm that shares excellent resources and presents a compelling narrative for learning more so a client or potential client can make an informed decision about who your law firm is and what services your law firm offers.

Which you hope will prompt them to perform a call to action, that creates business for your firm. That is quantifiable.

So, what is your firm’s digital footprint and what is the message your firm’s digital footprint is conveying?

How big is your brand’s digital footprint? Likely bigger than you think Geographic or country domains, email addresses, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, mobile apps, blogs—many brands have all of these and more.

Here are some basic tools you can use to get a better understanding of your firm’s digital footprint.

So now you have an understanding of your digital footprint.

  • You may have a footprint
  • You may have a partial footprint
  • Your footprint may belong to someone else
  • Your footprint maybe small
  • Your potential footprint maybe extremely large

Depending upon whether your firm’s digital footprint is easy to find, difficult to find or there was nothing to find, gets back to how you market your firm’s web site and its digital presence.

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to manage and promote your digital footprint as well as increase business. Using the following tools can make your firm’s digital footprint easier to manage and maintain. You can also manage your firm’s overall message while making sure to stay within the rules and keep your disclaimer easily accessible.

Search Engine Optimization and Registration the ongoing battle

One of the most overlooked or under-utilized tools for sharing a part of your firm’s digital footprint is search engine optimization and search engine registration. Good and effective SEO is not done only once but is a constant ongoing battle. You have to wage a word WAR in order to accomplish effective SEO placement.

Here is a list of correct common practices that all web site should do for effective optimization

  • Content Creation with Keyword Strategy
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Deep Linking
  • Alt Tags
  • Title Tags
  • H1 Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Robots.txt file
  • Blogs
  • SEO Plugins and Modules
  • Wikipedia Page

Once you have completed optimization of your site; you need to be sure to register your site every 30 to 90 days with all 30,000 search engines and link directories.

Be sure to continue the battle for your digital footprint (Initial Keyword Strategy)

  • Blog Post
  • Social Post
  • New Page Creation
  • All Digital Content

Analytics and what it means to your firms marketing efforts

Now you have all of this incoming traffic from multiple sources all being directed back to your firm’s web site. You NOW have all of this great analytical data, but what does it mean to you and how can you show the benefit to the rest of the firm.

(Slide 15 Analytics Logos)
Make sure that you have some type of tracking software installed into your site. We prefer Google Analytics because it is free and it offers so much analytical information. There are other analytical engines out there.  Suggested analytics tracking programs that can be installed on your web site.

Looking at Statistics can make your head swim and it is easy to get confused when looking at Google Analytics. There is so much analytical data to sort through that it can seem overwhelming.

Understanding and discerning the statistical information in Google Analytics can be simplified, by breaking it down into the 5 main categories:

  • Real-Time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversion

Real time, tracks actual visitors on your site, live in real time. You can break that information down into locations, traffic sources, content, events, and conversions.

The audience section will break down the demographics, interest, geo, behavior, technology, mobile, custom and visitors flow. The last two categories have been newly added in the last 6 months. Each one of these sub categories can be broken down even further. The main statistical sections you want to look at are the Overview and Mobile.

  • Overview*
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Geo*
  • Behavior*
  • Technology
  • Mobile*
  • Custom
  • Visitors Flow

This section will tell you where your traffic is coming from, whether it is organic, direct, ad words, social, ad word campaigns, or paid search. It is broken into the following sub sections:

  • Overview
  • Channels
  • All Traffic*
  • All Referrals*
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Cost Analysis
  • Ad Words
  • Social
  • Search Engine Optimization

Behavior is another main section that has a great amount of statistical data, however there are only a couple of sub sections, which are important in helping you determining your traffics behavior. Understanding which pages are attracting traffic to your site and what pages your traffic is leaving your web site. This is critical to the continued health of your firm’s web site.

Behavior Flow
Site Content*
Site Speed
Site Search
In-Page Analytics*

Conversions are combined user interaction information with Google Ad words. This section can be extremely important if you are running a Google Ad word campaign and spending ad dollars with Google. This metric will show you conversions from your ad word campaign to a quantifiable action on your web site.

Bringing this all together… Getting a clear view of your digital footprint and taking the necessary steps to optimize your site along with analysis can seem daunting, not least of all because the digital landscape is changing so quickly. However, with the right partner you can ensure that you are prioritizing the actions best suited for your law firm’s digital footprint.

WordPress Customization – Sales Activation

Monday, December 16th, 2013

WordPress Customization - Sales Activation Group

WordPress customization is the new trending development in the web design industry; Mojoe.net has been developing in WordPress for the last 5 years and leads the way in customization and responsive WordPress development in South Carolina. With that being said we are so very please to announce the launch of one of our recently completed projects. We developed this project using WordPress as the content management system for www.2activatesales.com.

Sharon Day with Sales Activation Group approached Mojoe.net with an issue; she could not easily update her site.  Her current site looked very dated and was not easy to  maintain. Sharon not only needed assistance in how she managed her web site going forward but also needed a new look with a modern and unique feel for her site.

She choose Mojoe.net to provide because of our experience, talent, tenure,  not only to customize WordPress but also to completely re-design her site, consult, train and guider her through the use of WordPress as her complete web site solution.

Mojoe.net Services Provided:

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

Mobile App Development vs. Responsive Web Applications

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Introduction/Overview into mobile app development vs. responsive web applications presented at the Clemson MBAe Studio Lunch

Notes and Talking Points

So one of the major points and differences between a mobile app and a responsive web application/web site is the responsive web site/ applications draw its content from a single source of information, rather than requiring the site owner to design multiple versions for different browsers and its specifications.

Responsive web applications/web sites is a real game-changer for the web development community and for new and emerging businesses. (In the past you had to design an web site or web application for multiple browsers; such as, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and the list of browsers go on an on.)

Responsive Web Site/Web Application
This option can be reached directly through a mobile device’s web browser and is therefore accessible by all smartphones and tablets that have an internet connection. What are the pros and cons of a responsive designed web site?


  • A single mobile site can work on any mobile platform
  • It can be far less expensive to develop than an app
  • Responsive site can be found and acccessed via search engines, web sites and blogs
  • No need to have someone to distribute your content like an app requires Google Play or iTunes
  • There are not updates the users has to do
  • You can managed your content from your existing content
  • Easily update-able


  • Requires a complete mobile strategy and plan before implementing, not so much a con as it is time intensive
  • You cannot access all of the smartphone native functions; such as, accelerometer, camera, gyroscope and so on
  • Can’t use the success of a built distribution network Google Play or iTunes

Mobile Apps
 An App is a software application that must be written in the native language of a particular platform; predominant platforms are Apple(iPhone), Google(Android) and Microsoft(Windows)…..But Wait, now there are other applications that will complete that native code and will produce in multiple platforms. One is call Titanium Appcelerator and the other is called PhoneGap. What are the pros and cons of  mobile app development?


  • Using native code sometimes results better interaction on the device
  • There are now third party app development platforms (Titanium Appcelerator and PhoneGap)
  • Can create additional sources of revenue, selling app
  • Can create an ad revenue source on a free app
  • Enhance distribution through app stores


  • More expensive to develop
  • More expensive to maintain
  • If developing in native code; you have to develop for each platform seperately
  • Requires approval of app store to distribute app
  • Requires user to update when bugs, and issues are found
  • Useless on desktops and notebook, unless designed specifically to be a plugin for browser
  • App stores can charge large fees for publishing, certifying and updating
  • App stores take a percentage of every sale

Make a plan first before deciding weather to develop a responsive web site/web application or a mobile app. Make sure to determine your audience and see if there is even a need for a mobile app vs. responsive web site/application.

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

Clemson MBAe Studio Lunch Presentation

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


Clemson MBAe Logo








Clemson MBAe Studio Lunch Presentation – It was and  is my distinct honor to present Mobile App Development vs. Responsive Web Applications to the current class of the Clemson Masters in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) program. I will be presenting a topic (see below) each Wednesday for the full month of October.

This class highlights a complete overview into Mobile App Development vs. Responsive Web Application, the benefits of each, versus the problems of each.  Which platform to choose; Google Android or Apple, and are there any other platforms to even consider?   What does it take to develop a mobile app versus a responsive web application, and once your Mobile App or Responsive Web App is launched what should you do now?

The presentations are being held at Clemson at the Falls 55 E.. Camperdown Way on the following dates:

10-2-2013 Introduction/Overview
10-9-2013 Which platform to choose
10-23-2013 Development – What is the process
10-30-2013 Mobile App / Web App is launched now WHAT?

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

Wedding Spam – ‘You Are Invited To Our Wedding’ Spam Campaign Unleashes Trojan.Win32.Kuluoz Malware

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Wedding Spam, Cybercrooks and hackers are ruthless when it comes to using what may seem to be a harmless email message to scam computer users. In the latest spamming scam that we have taken notice to, hackers are peddling a bogus wedding invitation email to spread a new variant of the malicious Trojan horse known as Trojan.Win32.Kuluoz, a threat capable of downloading and installing other malware onto an infected PC.

Lets all face the reality; computer scams come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In the latest spam campaign, one using a clever wedding invitation, it sends out a message with an embedded link at the bottom all claiming that you have been invited to “Celebrate the Our Wedding…Followed by a Reception.” The message even claims that it is from “White wedding agency”, which could be easily mistaken for a legitimate wedding company.

Variations of the actual spam email message reads (Figure 1): “You are Cordially Invited to Celebrate the Our Wedding On Tuesday March the 29 at Four O’clock Followed by a Reception. Get Full Invitation Text” Quickly pointing out the fact that the sentence does not use proper grammar, is a big red flag as to the legitimacy of such a message. ThreatTrack Security experts, who reportedly first identified this spam campaign, examined the message’s embedded link to found that loads an archive file hosted on a compromised website. The file contains a Word document but is actually a variant of the Trojan.Win32.Kuluoz malware.

Figure 1. Spam Wedding invitation message with a malicious link spreading malware – Source: softpedia.com
wedding spam

Variations of the Trojan.Win32.Kuluoz malware that we have reported on, such as Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B, is known for spreading poser emails and persuading recipients to open malicious files through enticing reservation or invitation messages. Moreover, this malware is apt to install other malware without any indications to the computer user.

Using a wedding invitation, although rife with poor grammar, is a rather clever and all-too familiar way for cybercrooks to scam PC users or infect their system with malware. As always, we reiterate how important it is to treat such messages with extreme caution and to never click on embedded links or download attachments on emails that have the least bit of suspicion. Additionally, it is prudent that antispyware or antivirus software be utilize at all times to detect and prevent malware infections from spam emails laced with malicious links or malicious attached files.

Original Article from: http://www.spywareremove.com/you-are-invited-to-our-wedding-spam-trojanwin32kuluoz.html

China Domain Name Registration Scam

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

China Domain Name Registration Scam, So I got an email today from a client asking if the email they received from a Chinese domain name company was legitimate or not. I went on the internet and did a little digging and I ran across this great blog post about getting emails just like this saying your domain is going to 
Hey! Got an Email from China Domain Name Registration Center, Asian Domain Registration Service In China, The Department Of Registration Service In China etc.?
(21/05/2013 3:58 pm)

China Domain Name Registration Scam - Christopher Hofman Laursen

China Domain Name Registration Scam - Scam Fighter

Christopher Hofman Laursen

The reason that you have landed here is surely due to an email in your inbox from an Asian named domain name registrar such as China Domain Name Registration CenterAsian Domain Registration Service In China or The Department Of Registration Service In China. In the email they probably request you to forward the email to your CEO with an urgent request to react quickly to a list of available domain names about to be registered by another company infringing your trademark rights. (This other “company” could also email you to tell that they plan to register the domains). In the following I will list the types of emails, discuss if this threat email should be taken seriously and which measures you should take. At the end we have collected a list of Chinese companies and individuals to be aware of plus examples of their emails. Please contact me if you have other examples, and do share the article so we can avoid more victims.

20.08.13: LAST NAME ADDED TO THE LIST: James ZhangChina Registry (Headquarters)

China Domain Name Registration Scam

Three types of emails

There are basically three types of unsolicited emails that you can receive:

1. A third party is interested in some available domain names (typically .hk, .cn, .tw), where you have a matching trademark. In only a few days the other party will register these domains, unless you react.

2. You receive a renewal reminder for a domain name which is very similar to the one you have registered. It could be that you have CoffeeMachineCompany.cn, and they want you to renew CoffeeMachineCompany.net.cn.

3. You receive a renewal reminder for a domain name that you have registered with another registrar. This should be reported to the right authorities. We got an example here from 18th May 2013 at the bottom, so you can see how they look.

Is this a real threat, where you have to react?

Our clients here at European Domain Centre are international companies with worldwide brands to defend, and a couple of times each month they forward these emails to me with the question: Are they fake? Are these domains really going to be registered by another company inside a few days? I went back to look at emails that clients had send over the years. One client got an email from The Department of Registration Service In China on 13.02.12 with a list of 10 domains. All of these domain names are still available one year after. Another client received an email from Asian Domain Registration in China on 17.10.11 with a list of four domains. The client ended up registering one of the domain names with us and the other three have been left unregistered for the last two years. The question in the title must be answered with a NO. This is a Chinese domain scam, where a third party company is used without its consent to pressure you to purchase some domain names via this Chinese registry. The domains will not be registered if you ignore them.
If you start a conversation with them, they will in each email tell you how urgent it is to register your domains. I have even been informed that they can call you at a certain point to put on more pressure. If you ask them for a reference or any information about the third party company interested in registering your domain names, they will not pass on any information, as it is “confidential”.

Are they real domain registrars?

Some yes, and others no. Going through the list of contacts I can see that many of the contacts only recently registered the domain name for their email, and no website exists. It is very likely that they will take your money and run. Some of the scammers regularly change their email address. E.g. Michael Hong has used eight different email addresses over the last months. They do this to avoid being blocked by spam filters.

What should you do when you receive an email from China Domain Name Registration Center or other similar named registrar?

As confirmed above your domain names will not be registered by another company, however I would still recommend you to do a couple of actions. First and foremost, there are companies taking the bait. Over the next two years hundreds of new gTLDs will be launched, so there will be even more confusion. If you have received an email like this, then please forward it to me at christopher@europeandomaincentre.com, and I will list it in the article to warn about these emails. I have already enclosed a sample of these below. You can also do like this guy and start a conversation with the scammer!

Secondly, it is surely not possible to stop these scam emails. You can search in Google where to report scams to your local authorities. Especially for fake renewal emails I would definetely take action, as this type of emails is far more scrupulous and easy to fall for, and they should be stopped immediately before others become victims. You can also share this article in your network so we can spread the message and ensure that the database is updated.

Thirdly, if you do plan to register domain names in those countries, then I would recommend that you do not wait. Contact your current domain registrar (Not China Domain Name Registration Center!). If you decide to use us at European Domain Centre, you will only have to deal with one contact for all your domain names, even if you have registered domains in countries all over the world.


When you receive an email from China Domain Name Registration Center or a similar company about domains which are about to be registered, then it is most likely a false warning, and you should ignore it. You can send it to me, as we can then update the article to warn about new emails. Secondly, if you do think that some of these domain names could come in handy in the near future, then do go ahead and register them. I recommend as well that you read the article The Top 5 Domain Name Scams in 2012.

Company names and URLs used by scammers

China Registry (Headquarters) (www.chinaregistry.com.cn)
Netregistry (www.netregistry.org.cn)
Network Solutions Service Company (http://www.cn-network.com, dot-network.asia )
China Domain Name Registration Center
Tik Company , Shanghai Tik Admin Registry (tik-public , tik-china.org , tik-public.org , tik public , tik public org , tik-china.org , tik-public.com)
DES Registry Services (des-services.org , des-registry.org.cn , des-registry.net.cn , des-registry.org, des-services.cn, Des Services China, des-registry, des-services.com.cn, www.des-services.org )
China Registry (www.chinaregistry.org)
Nus Network Center (www.nus-center.org)
Network Service Company which is the domain name registration center in Shanghai, China
Organization of trademark intellectual property protection in China (http://www.cn-network.com , cm-nic.org )
Department of Asian Domain Registration Service in China ( dsa-web.org , dsa register china, dsa-register.cn, dsa-register.org.cn, www.dsa-register.org)
Auditing department of a professional domain name registration and dispute solution organization in China (dot-network.com.cn)
Domain name registration and protection agency in Asia
domain name registration and solution center in China
The institution for registration service in the People’s Republic of China
Registration Law Office 
Asian Domain Registration Service in China ( des-services.net.cn , des-services.org.cn , dg-network.org , dg-network.org.cn , dus solutions china , www.dus-solutions.org, dus-solutions.org , dus-web.org.cn , .dus-web.org , des-services.cn , dln center, des-registry.com.cn , des-registry.net.cn, dus solutions, des-registry.cn, dus-solutions, dus-web, dus-web.cn, dus-web.net.cn)
China Domain Name Registration Center (yg registry , ygregistry , ygregistry.org , yg-registry , yg-registry.org, yg-registry.com, yg-registry.cn, yg registry china, www.yg-registry.com, www.ygregistry.cn, ygregistry.net, www.yg-registry.net, www.yg-registry.org, www.ygregistry.com, www.ygregistry.com.cn, www.ygregistry.com.cn, www.ygregistry.net, www.ygregistry.org, yg-registry.com.cn, yg-registry.net, ygregistry.cn, ygregistry.com, ygregistry.com.cn, ygregistryltd)
The Department Of Registration Service in China (www.tik-public.org)
CN Network Solutions Ltd ( cn-network.net , cn-network.org, cnnetwork)
Asian Domain Registration Organization in China ( pxisp.net , http://www.pxisp.com , pxisp, pxisp.org)
Department of Registration Service in China 
Department of Registration Service in Asia (http://www.easyfa.org, Easyfa)
Department of Domain Registration Service in Asia
senior domain registrar in Hong Kong (www.hkipnet.com)

Contact person names and contact details used by scammers

Hannah Lin, Registration Dept. Tel:+86-551-65184482 || Fax:+86-551-65128724 Email: hannah.lin@prowebsite.cn
Jackson Chen, Senior Manager, Tel: +0086-28-81453978 || Fax: +0086-28-85915586 Email: jackson@scnetchina.com
Hill Su, Tel: +86-551-64651651 Fax: +86-551-64651654 Email: Hill@gn-wsc.sh.cn
Richard Wang, Senior Manager, Tel: +0086-28-81453978 Fax: +0086-28-85915586 Email: richard@theasiatsinc.com
Eric Li, Auditing Director, Tel:+00852-31159222 Fax:+00852-31159221 Email: eric.li@easyfa.org
James Zhang, General manager Tel: +86-21-6191-8696 Fax: +86-21-6191-8697 Email: james.zhang@chinaregistry.com.cn
Jim Bing, General Manager Tel: +86 216191 8696 Fax: +86 216191 8697 Email: jim.bing@ygregistryltd.net, jim.bing@ygregistry.org, jim.bing@ygregistry.net
Tom Zha, Tel: +86-551-64651651 Fax: +86-551-64651654 Email: tom@gnwsc.com.cn, Tom@gn-wsc.org.cn, Tom@gnwsc.net.cn
Jack Zhang, General Manager Tel: +86-21-6191-8696 Fax: +86-21-6191-8697 Email: jack.zhang@netregistry.org.cn
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Chromecast Changes The Game, Like Dropbox For TV

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


In one tiny, $35 swoop, Google just re-positioned the television as “a receptacle unworthy of bell and whistle innovation,” as my friend John Abell recently put it.

Chromecast, a thumb drive-sized dongle that jacks into a TV or projector’s HDMI port, lets you take over a screen with your computer or mobile device. It’s been called “magical” by various gadget reviewers (a term generally reserved for Apple devices), and it sold out instantaneously last week after Google announced it at an event in San Francisco.

In the same way that making automobiles smartphone-compatible has proven to be vastly superior (and more cost-effective) than reinventing smartphone functionality and building it into every car’s dashboard, the television set paradigm has just shifted. Why pay extra for expensive technology built into your screen when you can bring your own bell and whistle to any screen you want?

That’s exactly what Google is saying with Chromecast.

While an arms race among television makers has been mustering over the development of “smart TV” that lets people use the Internet on the biggest screen in the house, Chromecast is like Dropbox for TV. Everywhere you go, you can have your stuff, on any screen, doesn’t matter if it’s “smart”, dumb, big, or small. And you can use your frigging phone or mouse instead of a remote. I think it’s one of the smartest moves the company has made in some time.

(Side note: You’re right, it’s not file storage, but the principle of having your own stuff everywhere is where the Dropbox analogy holds up.)

This makes it clear that Google isn’t as interested in devices as it is platforms that can serve every device. Which is smart, as it gets back to Google’s roots. Combine that with tools for programmers that will let anyone code practically any add-on, and Google’s suddenly one-upped every device maker out there who’s been feverishly soldering motherboards and ethernet ports into flatscreens.

More importantly, Chromecast shows us that in the future, screens will be screens, nothing more. A few years from now, I think the mighty display will be decoupled entirely from computer processing. As mobile devices get more powerful, we may all simply carry processors with us and “cast” onto screens when we want to work on a desktop or watch TV.

I’m not normally a Google fanboy, but I imagine a lot of device makers are panicking right now.And whereas the launch of a clever, first-to-market product doesn’t guarantee market success (Google certainly has lost other battles), Chromecast takes the smart TV battle to new turf.

So, why should a non-gadget-geek be excited about Chromecast?

If you have Internet, Chromecast just enabled you to cut your cable and throw away your Boxee or Apple TV and all the accompanying cords. You get Internet TV without buying a new TV.

I ditched cable long ago in favor of Netflix and Hulu on my Roku box. The problem is Roku doesn’t let me browse the web, doesn’t get Youtube and other channels, and like many of its counterparts, decides to reset itself every once in a while.

But like most people, I have a computer (a few of them, if you count my smartphone and tablet) and a strong Internet connection. There’s plenty of processing power in my living room to run Hulu. And now I can do so without buying and maintaining superfluous machines.

For the TV-addicted, I think Chromecast makes tons of sense when traveling. In the same way that many people carry a WiFi hotspot with them when on the go (I use Karma), I think we’ll start seeing people pack Chromecast with them and just pop the dongle in their hotel flatscreens (or crappy box sets if you stay at the kinds of places I stay at!), so they can watchtheir TV on any TV.

But the use case I’m most excited for? Work presentations.

You know how every time you go to a conference room and need to present something on a big screen, everyone ends up on hands and knees under the table fiddling with cords, while some guy runs to find an adapter, then you all stare at a blue screen while flipping through the AV1, AV2, AV3… channels in search of a signal? Yeah, you’re never going to have to do that again.

And for that, $35 is a steal.

Original Article Provided by Shane Snow on LinkedIn

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