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Friday, August 19th, 2016

iPad’s – Why Doctors Love Them

These days it seems like everyone especially healthcare professionals have fallen in love with the iPad. Since the launch of Apple’s iPad in 2010, doctors and other healthcare professionals have been bringing them in their offices and onto hospital wireless networks. With the continued growth of hospital wifi, so to has the use of iPads. They present healthcare providers with ways to improve care and documentation workflows, provide improved and more engaged patient interactions, and to deliver instant easy access to medical references and tools.


Healthcare professionals love their iPads; in fact their adoption of the iPad has exceeded expected growth. Actually, Manhattan research found that tablet use, predominately iPad use, among U.S. physicians had doubled in one year with 62% of doctors reporting that they regularly use a tablet for professional purposes. Half of them use iPads in point of care situations involving patients.

After surveying both doctors and nurses, Aruba Networks studies found that 85% of those surveyed support BYOD. 83% reported iPad use making iPads the most commonly used personal devices with iPhones or iPod touches coming in at 65%. They expect iPads will only continue their rapid proliferation into the medical field too!

Apple’s new iPad Mini that was released in October is expected to be a huge hit with doctors and could cause the rate of adoption to accelerate even more. A small survey conducted earlier this year by Epocrates found that one-third of physicians were planning to buy one. The biggest reason being the smaller size, which just so happens to perfectly fit most lab coat pockets. So you are likely to start seeing these smaller iPads peeking out of many physicians’ lab coat pockets.

So the love of iPads in healthcare is obvious, but what are exactly some of the reasons why? Here’s a list of some of the top ways doctors are using iPads in hospitals that make them adore these devices.

1) Medical Updates and Education

iPad in healthcare, wireless solutions for healthcare,

The medical field is constantly changing, so keeping healthcare professionals up-to-date with the latest medical information is imperative, but sometimes difficult for busy physicians. iPads make keeping up with all this new medical information much easier with apps like Newsstand, which allows physicians to easily access and flip though all the latest medical journals. Any new books, reference material, or notes can all be kept on their iPad and accesses when they get a spare moment throughout the day.

2) Communication Enhancement

iPad in hospitals, hospital wifi, wifi companies,

Communication enhancement between doctors and patients is central to improving point-of-care. Sometimes verbal descriptions or even static medical images simply cannot deliver the information the patient needs to get the complete picture. iPads allow doctors to more clearly explain illnesses, injuries, procedures, and treatment options with multimedia. iPads can also facilitate doctor-patient engagement virtually through the use of online portals as well. This allows patients to gain a fuller understanding of their medical treatment and any potential complications.

3) Quick EMR Access

iPads on hospital wireless networks, hospital wifi, wifi service providers,

The iPad offers electronic medical records (EMR) is the form of a small sleek mobile devices that’s definitely much easier to keep up with than a clipboard full of papers or a laptop. Doctors that still use laptops for EMR find they sometimes create a barrier between doctor and patient that iPads can prevent. iPads offer quick and easy access to EMR anywhere at any time.

4) Diagnostic Tool

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days and there’s definitely not a shortage of medical apps. Some iPad medical apps actually allow doctors to use iPads to assist them with diagnosing patients. For example the Airstrip Cardiology, allows physicians to extensively review their patient’s ECG history and make life-saving decisions quicker. Another app, which saves time and is much more accurate than the pen and paper method is the Mersey Burns app. It generates rapid and exact calculations for fluid management, which is critical for burn victims.

iPads in healthcare. wireless solutions for healthcare, wifi companies,

5) Performing Hospital Rounds

Healthcare professionals consider the iPad very helpful when performing hospital rounds, a time when physicians are truly mobile. When on rounds they can’t just conveniently leave a patient to access a PC. With iPads they have everything they need to pull patient records, document visits, and makes notes with the swipe of a finger. With iPads hospital rounds are faster and easier than ever.

iPads are incredible mobile devices that have the ability to make a huge impact in healthcare. They are changing the way medical professionals perform and improving overall workflow and ultimately the quality of patient care.

Article Provided By: SecurEdge

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Migrating to Office 365 — with the Special Sauce

Friday, July 15th, 2016


Migrating office 365

Office 365 – Migrating then and now.

Once upon a time I was an IT manager for a school district and was tasked with migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2007. I knew from past experience that when I migrated to new servers, there were always issues. No matter what the tech notes and step-by-step guides say, I was still ready for issues to come up. So, I started the planning process, as follows:

  • Friday: Get pizza and beer.
  • Friday night: Drink all of the beer, eat pizza and grab the exchange server. Pull it into a corner and hold on for dear life and hope the migration works.
  • Saturday: Test everything and hope I backed up correctly in case everything fails.
  • Sunday: Go to church and pray that, come Monday, everything is working, then get ready for a week of “How do I do this?” from coworkers.

If this is a common scenario for you, Microsoft has a different solution when migrating to Office 365 that can bring your company into the cloud, allowing you to sit back and watch a status bar.

First Things First

When starting your cloud-planning process, you need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Do I need email in the cloud?
  • Do I want it migrated?
  • Is it worth the time to learn to migrate if I am only doing it once?
  • Do I want Office, SharePoint and/or OneDrive included?
  • Which coworkers need what version of Office?

Office 365 Standard, which is offered in the Business Plans, offers all products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher. Office 365 ProPlus offers the same as the Business Plans, but with Access and InfoPath included.

Other things to consider include what sort of bundle plans to get, based on how you’ve answered some of the questions above. If you want Office and Exchange, it is worthwhile to jump into a bundle plan like the Business Premium, or E5 plan.

The plans without migration assistance are likely to be cheaper than what Microsoft direct can offer, and we can also offers technical support with it.

If you aren’t looking for Office 365 and just want to go with Exchange, it’s not like it used to be when worrying about who to assign a license to. You just have to count the users in your company and everything else is included. You can have alias email addresses, service emails, public folders, etc., all included as part of the plan.

Article Provided By: CDW

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IT Consultant – What to Look for When Hiring

Friday, May 20th, 2016

How do you find the right IT consultant for your business and specific technology needs? IT executives share their tips and advice. We also suggest five questions you should ask all prospective candidates.

Just because someone has the words “IT consultant” printed on a business card doesn’t mean he can solve your particular technology challenge or will work well with your IT or management team. So how do you find the right IT consultant, someone who understands your business and can address your specific IT need(s)?

IT Consultant

So before you even think about giving a third party access to your critical or sensitive information systems or software, check out what some of the top IT executives and consultants say. The experts outline their top eight tips for vetting an IT consultant — as well as the five questions you should ask all prospective third-party IT hires.

8 Tips From IT Execs and Consultants for Vetting an IT Consultant

1. Make sure the consultant has experience in your size and type of business. “An IT consultant who typically works with Fortune 500 companies will have a difficult time serving the needs of an SMB — and a consultant who has been in the finance industry his entire career may not have the experience needed for, say, a manufacturing shop,” explains IT consultant Morris Tabush, who runs Tabush, an IT support and consulting company. So when considering hiring an IT consultant, make sure the consultant has had experience — and success — working with companies not only in your industry but your size, he advises.

2. Find out what the consultant’s relationship to relevant vendors is. Are you looking for a consultant who is affiliated with a specific vendor (e.g., a certified partner) or someone who is independent?

“We have run into situations where clients received advice from an IT consultant, but didn’t realize the consultant had a [monetary] interest in the outcome,” notes Laura Pettit Rusick, the founder and president of OPT Solutions, Inc., an IT management services and technology optimization company. “That interest may be a commission, referral fee or the ability to staff additional employees from the consultant’s organization at the client.” In other words, the consultant may not have your best interest at heart.

That’s why she recommends that you ask consultants what their relationship is to any vendors before you sign a contract. “Do they resell a vendor’s products but want to provide software selection services? Do they receive commission when a particular vendor is selected? Is the consultant truly unbiased?”

3. Ask to see samples of their previous work. “Before hiring, ask to see candidates’ online portfolio and check them out on community sites like GitHub, Coderbits or CloudSpokes,” suggests Dave Messinger, CTO of CloudSpokes, a community of global developers. “It’s great to see the actual work done than [just] take a recommendation,” he says. While references are important, it’s good to “see what projects the candidates have completed in previous positions or on the side to really get a sense of the quality of their work.”

“Previous work — products [applications] they have built or worked on — is a very good indicator of what you should expect to get,” adds Alex Genadinik, who has been and hired IT consultants and is the founder of Problemio, which develops mobile business planning and marketing apps. Examining a consultant’s previous work will also show you “their strengths and weaknesses.”

4. Check credentials and affiliations. “Experience is a good start, but does the consultant have any industry certifications or accreditations (for example, are they a recognized solutions or consulting partner)?” asks Shell Black, the president ofShellBlack.com, a Salesforce consulting and professional services firm. “Also don’t be afraid to ask if their certifications are up to date,” he says. “Many software vendors require you to pass ongoing exams on the latest versions in order to remain certified. If the consultant hasn’t pursued such recognition, how deep can their expertise really be?”

In addition, “check for membership in professional organizations such as the Institute of Management Consultants or the Independent Computer Consultants Association,” advises Nepal Patel, CEO and founding principal at CIOsynergy, which organizes IT leadership events. “Such memberships indicate ongoing professional development and a commitment to their industry.”

5. Get and call references — even if the consultant was referred by a colleague.“When hiring a consultant, always ask for and check their references,” says Puneet Bhasin, director of IT at advertise.com, which provides online advertiser and publisher solutions. “Usually the best consultants have been referred to me via word of mouth.” But even if you plan on hiring someone who has been referred by someone you know, it doesn’t hurt to get a second (or third) reference. “I’ve always been dubious of consultants that are unwilling to share their client list and references with me,” he says.

Also, when speaking with references, “ask about the last time they had downtime or another emergency, and how the IT consultant handled the situation,” says Eric Schlissel, CEO, GeekTek IT Services.

Besides asking colleagues, another good place to look for and check references is LinkedIn. “Consultants, especially IT consultants, should have a social media presence,” states Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst & CEO at Greyhound Research, an IT research and advisory firm. “A quality following on Twitter, connections on LinkedIn and a blog all indicate a credible candidate.”

6. Conduct a thorough background check. Before allowing an IT consultant access to your business critical systems, conduct a thorough background check, advises Monica Hamilton, director of SMB Product and Solutions Marketing at security solutions providerMcAfee. “Mandatory items to keep an eye out for: criminal offenses, including misdemeanors, and suspicious credit scores,” she says. Also, “if you are hiring for government-related jobs, confirm any necessary government clearances. And lastly, always check at least three references.”

7. Look for good communication skills — and the ability to work well with people. How articulate is the consultant? Can he speak clearly — and successfully convey information — to both your IT team and management? “An IT consultant must be business-savvy and possess good communication skills,” says Bruno Scap, the president of Galeas Consulting, a firm specializing in technology management. “He should understand the technology and be able to articulate it in business terms that management can understand,” he continues. “The purpose of technology is to solve business problems, and a competent IT consultant must be equally comfortable in both technical and business settings.”

In addition, “seek someone who is both technically sound and able to interact with others while working collectively and collaboratively.” The last thing you want is to hire a consultant with an attitude problem, who doesn’t work well with others.

8. Find out how they measure results. Before hiring an IT consultant, make sure he is comfortable using a measurement system. “There are numerous methodologies out there that can be used to measure readiness, improvement and overall progress, such as Six Sigma, ITIL and CMM,” notes Ray Zadjmool, principal consultant, Tevora, a management consulting firm specializing in information assurance, governance and compliance services and solutions. “While you may have your own preference, aligning to any methodology shows that a consultant takes his work seriously.”

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IT Consultant

1. What is your experience with my type and size of business? (See Tip No. 1)

2. Are you familiar and comfortable working with my current hardware? “Yes, I know the axiom that a server is a server, but that is not always the case,” says JR Rodrigues, the CEO of NetCablesPlus, which supplies networking cables and other supplies to IT consultants and systems integrators. “Each manufacturer always puts in its own ‘enhancements’ as differentiators and that can result in different steps to perform the same function. I would prefer to not pay for any learning curve (not only in consulting time, but in errors that might be made at first).”

3. Are you familiar and experienced working with my current software? (“See reasoning outlined in the tips — and then multiply by ten!” says Rodrigues)

4. What are your certifications? “This will provide insight into what they like to do and probably do most of,” he says. “If all of your equipment is Dell and Oracle-based and the consultant is certified in IBM and SQL Server only, it should raise questions.”

5. How do you typically work with clients? Before hiring an IT consultant, it’s important to know how they work. (You can verify or confirm what they say by calling or emailing references.)

Article Provided By: CIO

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Computer Hard Drive Failure, What To Do

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Hard Drive

Consult An IT Expert

Has your personal or business computer suddenly stops responding to your commands, or has the hard drive simply crashed, what are you going to do?

Yes, you can run down to Best Buy or your neighborhood electronics store and purchase a replacement hard drive for your computer. But that won’t fix or recover your data on the failed hard drive. You know all the important stuff you need to keep working or all your images and family memories. Did you make a back it up? Unfortunately, most home users do not back up their systems, and many small businesses have older back-up procedures that are often ineffective for recovering files.

The first thing to do is to be calm. Proceeding hastily can actually do more damage to your data. In most cases of actual hard drive failure, an  IT Specialist can get your data back. Just because you cannot access your data through your operating system does not necessarily mean that your data is lost.

The only irreversible data loss is caused by overwriting bits, physical damage to the drive platters or destruction of the magnetization of the platters, which seldom happens without a severe reason. Most of all cases, are malfunction is caused by a damaged circuit board, failure of a mechanical component and crash of internal software system track or firmware. These situations can be addressed by the experts in the IT field, who are able to recover 100% of the data for almost all of their customers.

If you hear a clicking sound emitting from your hard drive, or if the computer’s S.M.A.R.T. function indicates an error during the boot process, something is wrong. The safest bet is to contact an IT Consultant expert.

After receiving your failed hard drive, a IT specialist’s first step will be to try and save an image of the damaged drive onto another hard drive. This image drive, not the actual damaged hard drive, is where the IT specialist will try to recover the lost data.

The next step in the imaging process is to determine if the hard drive failure  was an actual malfunction, a system corruption or a system track issue.

After recovery of the data from the hard drive is finished and the IT specialist found the root cause of the issue of the hard drives failure. The IT specialist will return the the recovered data ( which is the best part ) to the customer, with a detailed explanation for the failure of the hard drive, in most cases.

Article by Lance Roberts

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss your websites analytics, custom logo designs, website, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net.

Malware And Its Damaging Effects

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

The Damaging Effects of Malware - Malware

The Damaging effects of malware is a major concern for growing businesses.
Say what you will about hackers, they are a smart and diligent group of people,
constantly creating new strategies for scamming or corrupting your computers,
networks, and websites with various types of malware. What is malware? Simply
put, it is malicious software that comes in a variety of forms.

Having malware on your site (even if it doesn’t attack the customers) will turn away
those savvy enough to run security software that detects it; they might not return
after such an experience. You could only lose a single sale or ad impression, or they
could spread the word and you’ll stand to lose a lot more.

If the malware ends up attacking users, the situation could become much worse.
Depending on how much data, money, or privacy customers lose, they may
never come back. Worse than the loss of individual customers is the loss of your
reputation. If you experience just one malware infestation, you could become
blacklisted by security software companies and even blocked by search engines.
You may even be open to legal action, depending on the nature of the attack and
the compliance regulations that apply to your business. At the very least, you can
be sure that disaffected users will tell others to avoid your site. Many businesses
never truly recover from this sort of reputation-destroying event.

Types of Malware

Just as the name implies, phishing is when folks with ill intentions “fish” around for
your confidential information. Usually what happens is you’ll receive an email from
what appears to be a legitimate company that attempts to trick you into handing
out personal information, such as a credit card number or a social security number.
Identity Theft
It is often your worst possible nightmare. Unbeknown to you, someone has
managed to steal your personal information, such as a credit card number or social
security number, and then uses this information to obtain credit, merchandise, and
other services, all on your dime. Oftentimes, people don’t realize their identity has
been stolen until the damage is already done.
A computer virus is a self-replicating computer program that is bound and
determined to infect as many computers as possible, destroying every piece of data
it can in its wake. Many viruses are found in executable files. This is exactly why
your computer prompts you with a message notifying you that you are downloading
an executable file and that you are absolutely sure you trust and know the sender.
Some describe pharming as phishing without a lure. How’s that? Well, when a
scammer “phishes” for your personal information, they are usually luring you
or someone else with an email that appears to have been sent from a legitimate
website. It’s an individual attack. With pharming, a large number of users can be
attacked. Multiple users are essentially directed to a fraudulent website (even
when they think it’s a legitimate site).
Everyone has probably received by now at least one email, typically written in all
caps and in broken English, from a wealthy foreigner requesting you help him move
large sums of money through your bank account and offering a significant reward
in the process. Guess what? There is neither a wealthy foreigner nor reward at the
other end of that email wielding a large check with your name on it.
As the name suggests, spyware is software that spies on you. It begins
accumulating bits and pieces of your online habits without you knowing it. Spyware
is typically associated with adware (display advertisements) that can sometimes
be bundled into other software you wish to install on your computer and starts
collecting your personal information without your consent. Some can even change
the configuration of your computer.

Trojan Horses
You’ve probably heard these terms a million times, but still aren’t exactly what
it is. It’s pretty simple. It’s an email virus hidden with an email attachment. If
it’s opened, then it will search your hard drive for any personal and financial
information it can find, such as social security numbers, PIN numbers, and
checking or savings account information.

Article Provide by Symantec

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Clemson MBAe Studio Lunch Presentation

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


Clemson MBAe Logo








Clemson MBAe Studio Lunch Presentation – It was and  is my distinct honor to present Mobile App Development vs. Responsive Web Applications to the current class of the Clemson Masters in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) program. I will be presenting a topic (see below) each Wednesday for the full month of October.

This class highlights a complete overview into Mobile App Development vs. Responsive Web Application, the benefits of each, versus the problems of each.  Which platform to choose; Google Android or Apple, and are there any other platforms to even consider?   What does it take to develop a mobile app versus a responsive web application, and once your Mobile App or Responsive Web App is launched what should you do now?

The presentations are being held at Clemson at the Falls 55 E.. Camperdown Way on the following dates:

10-2-2013 Introduction/Overview
10-9-2013 Which platform to choose
10-23-2013 Development – What is the process
10-30-2013 Mobile App / Web App is launched now WHAT?

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

Computer Hacking Liability – Are You At Risk?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Presented by McNair Law Firm, P.A.

Please join us for the
InnoVision Forum:

Computer Hacking Liability – Are You At Risk?
What To Do To Avoid Data Breaches and Hacking and
What To Do If You are Hacked

From the US Government to the State of South Carolina, companies and organizations of all sizes are under attack from hackers. The threat of these attacks has escalated so that cyber security professionals admit it is almost impossible to achieve 100% prevention.  According to Verizon’s 2011 report, small and medium sized businesses, as well as governments and municipalities, are the main targets.  Please join us to discuss the legal liability associated with hacking for you and your company, leading edge prevention measures to avoid hacking, and what your obligations are in the event that a breach is suspected or discovered.  We will also discuss the role of the financial institution in these circumstances.


Douglas W. Kim
McNair Law Firm, P.A.


  • Doug will discuss the current laws concerning security requirements including the Red Flag Rules, PCI Compliance, South Carolina specific laws and recent cases involving hacking.  His discussion will include the recent case where a bank was required to repay monies lost to a customer due to hackers ($345,000.00).

Frank Mobley
Founder and CEO
Immedion, LLC


  • Frank will discuss current IT security risks and the prevalence and method of hacking.  He will also include information on how you can better protect your organization against illicit and illegal attempts to garner private information.

Deveren Werne
Founder of Mojoe.net and
Principal of Liquid Video Technologies, Inc.


  • Deveren will explain PCI compliance for businesses such as why a business should be PCI compliant and, if not, what are the repercussions of not being compliant, and what a business should do to become compliant from hardware to software perspective.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Presentations ~ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Networking
Location – McNair Law Firm, P.A., Poinsett Plaza, Suite 700, 104 S. Main Street, Greenville, SC

Seating is limited, so please respond early

RSVP to Kathy Ham by email: kham@mcnair.net or by phone: (864) 552-9345

Founding Sponsor:
Deloitte Founding Sponsor of InnoVision Awards


Celebrating excellence. Honoring distinction. Applauding innovation.

Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Economic Development | Greenville News

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I will be one of the Business Executives that will be presenting on web and IT.

SEED, which stands for Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Economic Development, will be an eight session program held over the course of four months.

Graduates of the program will receive an entrepreneurship certificate from Clemson.

Greg Pickett, associate dean at Clemson at the Falls, the university’s center for business education in downtown Greenville, said SEED is an “accelerator” that will provide education to entrepreneurs wanting knowledge to grow their business.

He said there are times when emerging organizations have questions but they’re unsure who to go to ask or what to ask. Through SEED, the answers will come mainly from experienced business executives.

“We looked around in the community and found that to be a need that we could fill with our partners and the contacts we have in the area,” Pickett said.

The program will be moderated by Mark Roth, president and chief executive officer of Teludyne Technology Industries in Greer, and Doug Kim, a patent attorney and shareholder at McNair Law Firm PA in Greenville.

“Too often, there are early stage entrepreneurs that don’t know how to take their business to the next stage of high growth,” Roth said. “That’s where the SEED program comes in, where you’ll have business leaders come in and say, ‘I was there. Here’s what I did wrong, and here’s what I did right. Don’t do this.’ It creates such a great learning environment.”

Another positive is that the young players in the community will be get know each other and create their own network, said Dave Wyman, interim director of the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson.

Wyman, who came to the Upstate in 2008 and has sold more than 60 inventions to major toy companies, said he wishes such a program had been available to him when he started his own business in the mid-1980s.

“It took me five years of hit and miss before I finally found out some of these secrets of entrepreneurship,” he said. “That’s what we’re trying to do is accelerate the learning for these young people and also get them to know other young people as well as the mentorship and advice of experienced business leaders.”

SEED, which will be limited to 25 students when classes begin this fall, is just one piece in a number of things Clemson has initiated in an effort to extend the Spiro Institute’s impact, Pickett said.

“Part of what we’re trying to do in the Spiro institute is to find opportunities to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists in the state and the region,” he said.

SEED will start Sept. 7, with classes at McNair Law Firm P.A. at 104 S. Main St., Suite 700, in downtown Greenville.

For more information, contact Pris Foster at priscf@clemson.edu or 864-370-3038


Angelia Davis
Phone: 864-298-4276
Twitter: @CDavisal

Check out Referral Key | Web Design Greenville SC

Monday, June 20th, 2011

What is Referral Key?

When your colleague finds someone who can use your service, they simply click “Send Referral”, and provide the contact information of the person they’re referring. You’re immediately notified of the new lead waiting for you on Referral Key. It’s now up to you to contact the client, and close the sale!

Give rewards, get referrals. Give referrals, get rewards
You can grow your business by offering rewards to other people who send you successful referrals. You can also receive rewards for sending referrals to other members. Choose from Cash, Omaha Steaks, L.L.Bean or Callaway Golf gift cards.

Get free leads from consumers in your area
Thousands of consumers use our Pro Portal everyday, looking for quality service professionals like you! Consumers simply enter their contact information and the type of service they’re looking for and we pass the leads on to matching members.

Check it out at: https://www.referralkey.com/mojoe

Are Mood Boards necessary for Web Design?

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

When I first begin designing web site’s over 10 year ago; I did not know what a mood board was or that it would become an essential tool in the design and development of a web site.

Recently, I had a potential customer come to me with a design from another development company. They had been through quite a number of revisions. I was asked to review the revisions and determine what was wrong with the design of the site. There were several issues with the web site; the logo was not very appealing and it did not establish the web site or the company with a strong brand. The font size was extremely small for the main text as well as for the main H1 tags. The main image or hero image on the main page had no reference at all to what services the company actually preformed. The overall colors of the site were not very complimentary to each corresponding color, nor were the hyper-link colors very noticeable as to what was a link and what was not a link.

This could have happened for several reasons; one the client was not very forthcoming with ideas and suggestions, the communications between designer and client was mis-understood, or the client conveyed his/her idea but the designer did not do enough research to produce what the client wanted.

So why use a mood board well the answer is clearly above; the design team above had been through 9 revisions before I reviewed one of the latest design attempts. It is my firm believe that if the design team above had used a mood board initially then they most likely would not have gone through 9 revisions.

So your next question must surely be, “What is a Mood Board?” Well, I am about to let you know. A mood board is a pre-comprised board of images, colors, fonts, and a layout style that you are proposing to your client. There are several industries that use mood boards; such as, fashion designer, landscapers and interior designers. You want to inspire your client by the mood boards that you present to them and not frustrate them in this process. This part of designing a web site can be one of the most frustrating and time intensive parts of developing a web site. So take your time and listen to your client spend time asking questions, about their brand, colors, fonts, and style that they are trying to achieve.

I did not originally create this idea; I got this information from Web Designers Depot. Here are some useful links from Web Designers Depot

Why Mood Boards Matter
Massive Compilation of Designer Tools
Case Study on Virgin Atlantic Airways

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