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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Mojoe.net is proud to announce the launch of One Fun Summer. A WordPress web site designed and developed for Karen Weaver owner of One Fun Summer. Karen Weaver choose Mojoe.net because of our dedication to educating our customers and our ability to develop custom responsive WordPress themes. The entire site is customized and developed for content management by Karen Weaver using the latest technology for making the site a completely responsive WordPress web site. While some of the content is still in its initial phase of creation and production by Karen, the overall design and responsiveness of the site is completed.

The design of the WordPress web site was developed using custom CSS along with the installation of our recommended list of WordPress plugins. These plugins are essential to creating a fully functioning web site that is optimized for enhance performance for visitor interaction, data collection, analysis and search engine registration.

If you would like Mojoe.net to discuss developing your logo, web site, web application, need custom programming, or IT consultant, please do not hesitate to call us at 864-859-9848 or you can email us at dwerne@mojoe.net

WordPress Web Site - One Fun Summer by Mojoe.net

Designing and Developing a web site | Web Design Greenville, SC

Friday, June 17th, 2011

So what happens when you design and develop a web site?

Well, there are quite a few steps that happen when developing and designing a web site. So, we are going to take you through the process step by step with a real live client. (Yes, the client is actually real.

First, we begin by having a two hour discovery meeting with the client to listen to what the client needs, wants, and would like to have happen with their web site. During this meeting we ask incisive questions and develop a list of services that will need to be performed in order for client to receive the web site that he/she would like. In the midst of this process we educate our clients about web design, programming, search engine optimization, and all aspects of web development.

So enough about the process lets actually start off with our client which is www.mysolor.com and our contact is Alex Swire-Clark. Alex has come to us to re-design and develop their web site. So we have already meet with Alex Swire-Clark and discussed their site. During that meeting we spoke about what he would like the site to do. What goals they would like to eventually achieve with their site as well as what functions they would like the site to perform. (You can break a web site down into 4 parts; one is the design of the site, two is the structure of the site, three is the behavior of the site, and four is the SEO and Social integration of the web site.) We also discussed content management system and educated him on the difference between two platforms Dot Net Nuke and WordPress. (During this meeting we filled out our Creative Strategy with Alex so we could get a clear understanding of his wants and needs.) While we filled out the Creative Strategy we also educated Alex on each step of the process everything from colors, pictures, text to responsive design .

Once our meeting was finished we sent Alex an email letting him know what we heard during the meeting, after receiving his reply we filled out our estimate proposal and sent that over to Alex. We then concluded our contract with Alex and have begun the development of his web site.
So what’s next?…………………..to be continued.

Here is the initial design of the web site for www.mysolor.com


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