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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

Why Surf the Net when you can Mojoe?

Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

Web Development

We love to write code, and we don't care who knows it!

Web Development Greenville, SC

Unlike other Web design firms in Greenville, who claim to do development but really only do light-weight scripting, Mojoe.Net knows its stuff.


You name it, Mojoe.net probably knows how to program it; whether it's ASP, PHP, ASP.net, JavaScript, or Cold Fusion, and we pretty well have it covered

Need a database-driven site? No problem. Want your users to be able to upload, share, and comment on videos and photos YouTube-style? Consider it done. Want to make updates and change the look and feel of your site in the middle of the night? We'll hook you up. But "how," you ask. We do 99% of our programming from scratch we do not buy templates, modules, or pre-constructed web site. You want a custom designed site with all the code from scratch so you can copyright it and own it out right; then choosing Mojoe.net is the only choice for your web design project, or web application.


Want to make sure the information people fill out your site's forms correctly? Want a little bit of animation and movement for your site, but you don't want to use Flash? You can use javascript ot jquery to accomplish the same effects that you can achieve with Flash. The difference is that Javascript and Jquery are becoming just as popular but they have a lot more modules / libraries that are already designed and developed and that can easily be installed into your web site


For the last 10 years mojoe.net has developed sites in both ASP and ASP.net; we have moved away from developing sites in ASP because the new more popular version of ASP is ASP.net. This programming language is very versatile and has several content management systems that integrate extremely well into web sites and into web development projects.


Cold Fusion is one of our specific specialties that we has a web site development company have focused on and we have done this for several reasons. One it Cold Fusion is a programming language that integrates seamlessly with other products produce by Adobe. Second, we have invested a great deal of our own personal time and development on making Cold Fusion our programming language of choice. Finally, we even use Cold Fusion on our own web site when it comes to calendars, message board, and contact forms.

PHP is another programming language that we have invested time in effort into, especially since we have started developing WordPress web sites for the last 3 years. PHP is an open source language that is extremely flexible and reliable.

Content Management System

Not every customer wants to call us whenever they have a create our sites with a content management system (CMS). This allows our customers a level of customization that isn't always offered by other Web design companies in Greenville. With a CMS-based site, our customers can log in as an administrator and change the look and feel of their site without having to wait for the Webmaster to get around to it. They can monitor and block user-submitted content that might be offensive or copyrighted.