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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

Greer Pediatric Dental Care


Web Design in Greenville, SC - Greer Pediatric Dental Care

The Client
Greer Pediatric Dental Care is a Greer based Pediatric Dentist but they serivce the Greenville and Greer areas.

The Mission
Greer Pediatric Dental Care picked Mojoe.net has their web site designer and web hosting provider because we offered the skills to not only design and develop the site, but also to provide logo design, brochures and a WordPress content management system that they could maintain. We were also the only company in the area that could provide full fiber hosting.

The Goal
Our Goal was to create a site that was friendly and informative to new patients but also easy to maintain by the office personal. Another goal the customer requested was the site to be colorful and bright and tie in with the logo that we had assisted in designing.

The Work and Why We're Proud of It
As one of our complete WordPress content management systems we are extremely proud of this site and our just as proud of the search engine optimization and search engine registration that we did for the customer. We used the following programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, custom CSS and XHTML. We also created a favicon and iPhone icon.