Bio's section contains information on the owners and employees who work for Haarmony Salon and Studio of Atlanta Georgia




Christina Carsillo is one of the top stylists in the country. Christina's artistic ability coupled with her extensive color skills propels her to the hairdressing elite. After years of training and study at hair symposiums throughout the world, Christina was chosen, over thousands of candidates, to represent Wella on their artistic team.

She now travels throughout the country educating other hairdressers on the art of hair and color. The recent opening of her own salon, HAARMONY Salon & Studio, has allowed her complete creative control. Her salon is a combination of hair and photography and is cutting edge in every way. She challenges herself and her staff to become the best of the best. Christina's commitment to the hair industry and to her clients is unsurpassed.



Bryan Hiner's background is as diverse as his personality. Athough his educational background took the traditional route, with a B.S. degree in Legal Administration, he is anything but traditional. His spirit is entrepreneurial and he has been involved in a number of businesses before forming Haarmony Salon & Studio.

Due to his travels around the world, Bryan had rekindled a passion for photography and decided to return to school. He enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta. After six months in the program his impatience with the course curriculum could no longer be ignored. At this point he had an idea to form a business that would encompass both the photography and beauty industries.
He knew that there was only one person , with the talent and personality, to partner with him and make this business successful. He proposed the idea to Christina Carsillo and in a matter of moments she was sold on the idea. The foundation was in place and now the work would begin.

Bryan's extensive travels heavily influenced his design style. The Art deco architecture of Miami as well as vibrancy and sensuality of Rio De Janeiro were the two major cities of influence in the salon design. He wanted the salon to capture a small feel of those two cities through color ,texture, and ambience. The finished product is now Haarmony Salon & studio.





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