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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Kinequip.Com

The Client
Kinequip has been distributing industrial automation products since 1946. They carry a wide range of compressors, air motors, blowers, valves, fittings & couplers, and process instrumentation. They also design and build products to our customers specification for the speciality vehicle industry.

The Mission
Kinequip came to Mojoe.Net looking for a redesign. They were tired of the sparse white appearance of their previous site. They wanted to give their site some color and to accentuate the industrial aspect of the business.

The Goal
Giving the site a touch of color was the easy part, but the hard part was figuring out how to accentuate the business side properly.

The Work and Why We're Proud of It
We're especially proud of this site because of the overwhelming number of pages contained within it. Creating a project on that level is not easy, but we love pushing ourselves. We used Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, and Java Scriptto create the site's look and feel, and we also did the SEO and SER.