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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

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Web Design in Greenville, SC - Mojoe Logo

Liquid Video Technologies


Web Design in Greenville, SC - Liquid Video Technologies

The Client
Liquid Video Technologiesis a Greenville-based security company. Since inception, LVT has embraced the emerging markets of security, surveillance, digital video recorders, Web services, and technology. Liquid Video Technologies offers wholesale and retail distribution for national franchises, municipalities, commercial and residential markets.

The Mission
To create a web site that not only conveyed a strong since of service for the video surveillance industry but also the site needed to top the search engines for the security related search terms. Mojoe.net was the prefect choice because we have over 10 years of SEO and SER.

The Goal
We accomplished our goal by showing streaming video on the home page with our own Flash Streaming Service as well as optimized the entire site for search engine phrases and submitted the site to several web links directories and search directories. We also created a fully functional iPhone icon, favicon, and a mobile version of the site is now in production.

The Work and Why We're Proud of It
Mojoe.net developed Liquid Video Technologies to be a the premier web site for video surveillance and we used a combination of Cold Fusion, and our own Flash Video Streaming Service to provide the best experience for the customers visiting the web site. We also made sure to optimize the site for the phrase, "video surveillance greenville sc" and if you go to any search engine and type that phrase in Liquid Video Technologies comes up at the top of the very first page.